This week is the Father's Day 2016 episode of The Absurd Podcast. I sit with myself and talk about some of my childhood memories and special times with my father. Then I discuss my favorite concert experiences and why they are important to me. I get briefly into the gun debate (just a little bitching) and then I diss British fashion and talk about my unending need to cheer America on in any competition (including poop throwing). 

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Dana Smith is my guest this week. He is a police officer and coworker of mine, and he is a talented drummer who has spent much of his life immersed in the world of music with his father. We discuss the army of sperm waiting inside my balls and the life-scarring STD test I had to endure at the hands of a sadistic German doctor. Then we talk about the terror attack in Orlando and the impact it has on our society. Finally, we talk music and discuss Dana's journey as a drummer, as well as some of his musical influences.

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This week's guest is Alex Herrera, who is a comedian and the host of 2-Count Kick Out (a professional wrestling podcast). We talk family life and masturbating into a cup for science, and we discuss the nuances of pet farts. Then we discuss the latest news in the world of UFC and we discuss some dream matchups between unlikely people. Then we touch on Alex's former job at Fox Sports 1 and end with our top five Simpsons episodes of all time.

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This week on The Absurd Podcast, I welcome back DeeJay Levier. We talk Captain America and Batman V Superman, and we discuss how silly but great the concept of super hero movies are. We dive into racism and policing (as we always do) and talk about the issue of perception that people face in America. We also discuss racism in corporate America and hilarious stereotypes in porn. I throw out some policies for when I become President and we recast Batman with black actors. It's another fun episode with a funny dude.

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My guest this week is Justin Hooper. Justin is a veteran of the US Navy and a former intelligence officer. He has been on numerous deployments in the Middle East as a member of both the military and as a private contractor. He has a tremendous amount of insight on the inner workings of the military and warfare, and dive just below the surface of that for a few minutes. We also discuss his history of being a terrible loser with video games and I talk about being profiled at Disneyland.

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Damien Hooper returns as my guest this week as we discuss the popularity of his first episode and his unending need to date the strangest girls he can find on Tinder. We dive briefly into the world's drug culture and the potential legalization of drugs in the future, and Damien gives his perspective as a young person on the campaign to raise the minimum wage in America. 

Lastly, we talk about one of Damien's old friends who once destroyed our restroom in an event that can only be described as Poopmageddon. Then we each list off our picks for an ultimate heavy metal super group.

Listen after the end theme to hear Damien play "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton.

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This week on The Absurd Podcast, I get serious (a little) with Tony Rey. We talk about the recent "offensive" billboard welcoming the Rams to Los Angeles, and the unfortunate consequences of giving in to the overly-sensitive public. Then we talk about Tony's new documentary which tackles the issue of homelessness in Long Beach, CA. We talk about his process of filming and capturing the interesting stories of people, and we discuss the issue of homelessness as a whole in America. We end with a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill while Tony drinks a little too much Tennessee whiskey. It's a fun episode.

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The Absurd Podcast is back with Hillary Hooper. We talk Valentine's Day shenanigans, my new publishing company, and women's health. Then we finish with a delightful game of Fuck, Marry, Kill. It's a splendiferous episode.

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I am joined this week by my friend Chris Bruno, who you may know from The Fosters, The Dead Zone, Prison Break, Awkward, and all sorts of other things. He has been a working actor in Hollywood for years and has a real insight on the business and how it works. Apart from that, Chris is also the kind of guy that never lets age get in his way. At almost 50 years old, he is set to make his professional MMA debut, and he is working on a project called 'Fuck You, 50!" We talk getting fired from The Fosters, working on a project with an ex, and we finish by discussing our favorite rock bands from the 80's. It's a fun episode with a really great guy.

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This week's guest is James Stebick. James is an actor and comedian, and he can be heard regularly on his wrestling podcast 2-Count Kick Out. We talk pro wrestling, and he teaches me a thing or two about the Great American Theater. Then we discuss his web series Blader High and what it's like to be a thirty-year-old with a beard playing a teenager on roller blades. Then we talk Phil Collins (God) and give examples of some of the music that we loved as children. It's a silly little episode.

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