This week is a solo bitch-fest of an episode, as I talk about my recent trip to New York City and how much better it is than Los Angeles. I also rant about Bernie's Disney hatred and the disrespecting of America's veterans. Finally, I talk about some of my favorite movies featuring war sequences and my mutant powers. 

This episode is brought to you by wives who make you embarrass yourself on the internet.

This week on The Absurd Podcast, the wife and I discuss the perils of eating as a police officer and avoiding semen in my burritos. I also talk about a surprising act from a good samaritan and how odd it felt at the time. Then we give our thoughts on the "Blake Lively is a Racist" controversy and bash the sensitivity of people. Finally, we end the show by going over our Top 5 movie characters that we would be allowed to bang in a dark alley somewhere.

This episode is brought to you by anger management.

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This week on The Absurd Podcast, I welcome back DeeJay Levier. We talk Captain America and Batman V Superman, and we discuss how silly but great the concept of super hero movies are. We dive into racism and policing (as we always do) and talk about the issue of perception that people face in America. We also discuss racism in corporate America and hilarious stereotypes in porn. I throw out some policies for when I become President and we recast Batman with black actors. It's another fun episode with a funny dude.

This episode is brought to you by taco salad.

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The lovely Hillary steps by the Absurd Studios and talks about the recent death of music legend Prince. We discuss the recent deaths of numerous musical icons, and I list off my top five black guitar players of all time. Then we discuss bad drivers and the many things that irritate me on the road. Finally, we talk about the political controversy that is transgender people in public bathrooms and we each name our favorite movies featuring gender-bending.

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My guest this week is Justin Hooper. Justin is a veteran of the US Navy and a former intelligence officer. He has been on numerous deployments in the Middle East as a member of both the military and as a private contractor. He has a tremendous amount of insight on the inner workings of the military and warfare, and dive just below the surface of that for a few minutes. We also discuss his history of being a terrible loser with video games and I talk about being profiled at Disneyland.

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Damien Hooper returns as my guest this week as we discuss the popularity of his first episode and his unending need to date the strangest girls he can find on Tinder. We dive briefly into the world's drug culture and the potential legalization of drugs in the future, and Damien gives his perspective as a young person on the campaign to raise the minimum wage in America. 

Lastly, we talk about one of Damien's old friends who once destroyed our restroom in an event that can only be described as Poopmageddon. Then we each list off our picks for an ultimate heavy metal super group.

Listen after the end theme to hear Damien play "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton.

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This week on The Absurd Podcast, I get serious (a little) with Tony Rey. We talk about the recent "offensive" billboard welcoming the Rams to Los Angeles, and the unfortunate consequences of giving in to the overly-sensitive public. Then we talk about Tony's new documentary which tackles the issue of homelessness in Long Beach, CA. We talk about his process of filming and capturing the interesting stories of people, and we discuss the issue of homelessness as a whole in America. We end with a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill while Tony drinks a little too much Tennessee whiskey. It's a fun episode.

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On this week's episode of The Absurd Podcast, I get Carl Entner sick while we discuss Las Vegas, prostitution, and the legalization of drugs. Then I discuss accidentally getting high off cough syrup in high school, and we conduct contract negotiations for my future co-hosting spot on his podcast Unlicensed Film Reviewers. Lastly, I make Carl play a game of "Would You Rather?" It's always fun to see my prudish friend squirm.

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Episode 32

On this week's episode of The Absurd Podcast, we record from the depths of The Luxor pyramid in Las Vegas, Nevada. We talk male feminism and my issues with America's recent hatred towards all things manly. Then we talk comedy and the fact that it is becoming a bit of a crime to make fun of anything, and we discuss 19 Kids and Counting and the victimization of molestation victims. Lastly, I ask Hillary a series of "Would You Rather" questions that make her squirm. 

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Episode 31

The Absurd Podcast returns after a brief hiatus with a slightly new format. This week's episode features the wife and I bitching at each other and talking politics. We also discuss what I call the pussification of America and the constant need that people seem to have to be offended by everything. Finally, we discuss how stressed I get watching UFC and end the show with Hillary dropping a bombshell on me about the time she tried Ecstasy while we were broken up (and didn't bother to tell me for an asshole). It's a fun episode and we're glad to be back.

This episode is brought to you me...because I recorded it...

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