Sir Chase talks about annoying gas station experiences, and the latest winner of Compton's Got Talent. Then he discusses some racially-charged remarks by 50 Cent, and he tries to understand why no one seems to think it's a problem. Lastly, he rants about the audacity of idiotic men on the internet, the travesty that is The Hat's cheese prices, and some more bull poop from the Catholic church. 

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Sir Chase gives an infuriating update on the recent school shooting in Florida and the cowardice of several people at scene. Then he talks about the state of his penis in this sudden Southern California winter weather and his hatred of heaters. Finally, he gets annoyed by young liberals, bad Jesus tattoos, and gluten free toothpaste. 

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Sir Chase discusses the recent school shooting in Florida and the willingness of many Americans to be victims these days. Marilyn Manson is his next topic as he dishes on some harassment claims that have come out against the legendary rocker (and how stupid they are). Then he talks about a disgusting baby experience he recently had, and a weird bathroom encounter at a Mexican restaurant. Finally, he discusses support animals, supposed toxic masculinity, and grown ass men listening to Limp Bizkit.

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Sir Chase discusses his department trying to catch him dirty by utilizing a weird fat Korean man. Then he talks about the shithole that is 29 Palms and the tragic sex lives of new parents (complete with cock block daughters). He gives his two (or more) cents on the anti-military rant of a Southern California teacher, and ponders a yoga breastfeeding video that he found on Facebook. Finally, he wonders what you're supposed to call African American people in England.

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On this week's episode, Sir Chase talks about his daughter's first trip to Disneyland, annoying foreigners, and "in the way" people. Then he discusses "comedian" Monique's ridiculous claim against Netflix, and the dark secrets of Yoshinoya. Finally, he discusses shithole places, hilarious vigilantism, and the prosecution of Nergal of the band Behemoth.

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It's the first episode of 2018! Sir Chase discusses the dismal outlook of millenials who say that 2017 sucked. He follows this onslaught of positivity by talking about his expertise in stepping in shit on a regular basis, as well as a perfectly wiener-level mirror in the movie theater bathroom. Finally, he discloses his theories on why Doc McStuffins is not a real doctor and how the world of Mickey Mouse is a sinister place.

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Sir Chase is back, and his daughter is pooping on his lap. He talks the recent launch by Space X and the brief moments chaos that ensued as everyone tried to figure out how long it would be before people's butts started getting diddled. Then he discusses his hatred for Downtown Los Angeles and the rivalry between him and ice dispensers. He reflects briefly on the passing of Warrel Dane, and embarrasses his daughter by discussing her nasty feet. Finally, he finishes by ranting about purposefully uneducated people, a stupid BMW, and AMPM.

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Sir Chase talks about the recent fires in Southern California and working twenty-five hours straight in a pair of silly goggles. Then he discusses his daughter's unhealthy obsession with tags and her need to put weird things in her mouth. He rants about the lack of humanity apparent in those who dislike Phil Collins, and the endlessly annoying nature of people who are offended by everything. Finally, he talks about "ghosting" and gives his five tips for sharing legitimate news stories on social media.

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Sir Chase sits down after a gluttonous Thanksgiving meal to talk about what the holiday means to him and the annoying guilt trips that social media clowns try to spread every holiday season. He talks about his dirty transient baby and her need to punch herself in the crotch, and he wallows in sadness over the Dallas Cowboys, who feel the need to ruin his life. Finally, he talks about a weird cold call he received, the latest pretend racism, and idiotic celebrations in the NFL.

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Tony Rey joins Sir Chase to talk about his recent trip to New York and jumping to conclusions about the best coffee in the city. Then they discuss the recent Hollywood sex scandal including Louis C.K. and Kevin Spacey, and the role that Sir Chase feels victims should play. Next, they talk people who can't take a joke and a little mullet-wearing bastard that Sir Chase hates. Finally, they end the night by naming their favorite war movie characters of all time.

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